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     PFRO has been receiving emails and Facebook posts concerning our last newsletter. I will attempt to answer some questions and concerns that were raised. Many of the issues raised were sent to the Retirees organization in error, as they should have gone to the Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund. Our organization did not sign a contract with Aon, nor were we happy with all the problems that occurred. Most of the major problems concerned the pre-Medicare members. Aon selected the insurance carriers that were part of the program that they would do business with. We all know what a disaster that turned out to be. The board of trustees are currently working with Aon to offer more insurers.

     The second concern that was raised was why we would still endorse Bill Deighton for re-election to the board of trustees. The changes to our insurance program have been going on for over four years. With this mind, having an experienced member on the board is in the best interest of the retirees.  Voting someone new onto the board and having to learn on the “fly”, did not seem like such a good idea. Another factor to support Bill; where were these two other candidates during the health care meetings? If they were in attendance, why didn't they raise their concerns then? Bill on the other hand has been a very strong proponent for the retirees, especially our spouses and widows. During the last several years many ideas were put on the table on how to solve the insurance problems. Bill fought hard to keep our spouses on our insurance, while the other four systems removed the spouses from their insurance coverage.

     Bill also was instrumental in keeping the insurance supplement for our spouses and survivors. He was able to get the other trustees to keep the supplement at 25% for the spouses and then when the retired member dies, the spouse would then receive the 75% supplement. These items alone helped to save our members money each month.

     Finally there were concerns about why we did not give equal space in our newsletter to all of the people running for office. We did not get a notification from OP&F as to who was running for office. The two retirees that were in our newsletter made the effort to contact our organization and request to be placed in our newsletter. It is the responsibility of those members that are seeking election to notify us and we would've been more than happy to give them space to advertise their election bid. The other candidate did not feel it necessary to contact our organization.

     If you have further comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Gary L. Monto, President

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