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 Merchandise Please scroll through to see all of the merchandise that we offer for you.   Prices are included under the item description.   Also, please know that for all merchandise (excluding decals) there is a $7.50 shipping charge. You can find the mail-in form along with information for credit card orders and contact information at the bottom of the page.   Thank you!

PFRO Red and Blue Travel Mugs
Each travel mug can hold 16 ounces of HOT or COLD liquid.  They are microwavable and dishwasher safe.  Located on each side of the mug is the Police and Fire Retirees of Ohio logo.  Each mug also comes with a snap on lid for travel. 
Price: $7.95 each

PFRO Windjackets
Polyester microfiber windshirt with nylon lining/wind water resistant shell.  Available in Navy Pullover or Zip-up and "Police & Fire Retirees of Ohio" embroidered on left chest.

Price: Sizes, L, XL  $40.00     XXL  $45.00
PFRO T-SHIRT                                                                pfrot-shirtsAll T-shirts are navy blue and contain the PFRO logo on the front with the company name spelled out on the back.       (POLICE and FIRE Retirees of Ohio, Inc.)
The t-shirts come in sizes M, L, XL, and XXL.  However, since the shirts are 100% cotton, please expect them to shrink slightly.
We now have the t-shirts in "Red"
Prices: $18.00 (M, L, XL) $22.00 (XXL)
                                              PFRO HAT
The PFRO Hat comes in navy blue only and has the PFRO logo PFRO hatembroidered onto the front.  The hats are "one size fits all" and has an adjustable velcro strap in the back. 
Price: $ 15.00


The polo shirts come in navy blue with the PFRO logo embroidered onto the left breast area.  They are short sleeved and come with 3 buttons on the front with a collar around the neck.  The sizes are M, L, XL, and XXL.
Prices: $21.00 (M, L, XL)     $24.00 (XXL)

PFRO Sweatshirts

The Sweatshirts are available in Navy, hoodiesweatshirts or crewneck.
"Police & Fire Retirees of Ohio" embroidered on left chest.
Prices: Sizes L, XL  $25.00      XXL  $30.00

PFRO License Plate Frames

The License Plate Frames are $18.00
Plus $7.50 shipping.  


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