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Healthcare News
Gary Siniff, Franklin Township retired firefighter, is Police and Fire Retirees of Ohio's OP&F Liaison Committee Chairman.   Mr. Siniff is incredibly dedicated to bringing all of our retirees up-to-date information about the current changes with the healthcare.   He and Paul Hillenbrand, Columbus retired  police officer, attends all of the Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund meetings as YOUR representatives.   The following healthcare articles are for your information directly from Mr. Siniff.     If you have any questions or you would like to speak directly to Mr. Siniff or Mr. Hillenbrand, please contact the State Office and we will be more than happy to assist you!
If you have any complaints about the health care change over please write a formal letter to OP&F Pension Fund,  140 E. Town St, Columbus, Ohio 43215.

From the OP&F Pension Fund website: Preventative Care Medications/Services


2017 Healthcare News   

August 2017 OP&F Report
June 2017 OP&F Report                                  June_2017.pdf
May 2017 OP&F Report                                  May_2017.pdf
March 2017  OP&F Report                              March_2017.pdf
February 2017  OP&F Report                          February_2017.pdf
January 2017 OP&F Report                             January_2017.pdf

2016 Healthcare News                          
November 2016 OP&F Report                         November_2016.pdf
October 2016 OP&F Report                             October_2016.pdf
August 2016 OP&F Report                              August_2016.pdf
June 2016 OP&F Report                                  June_2016_.pdf          
May 2016 OP&F Report                                  May_17_2016_meeting.pdf
April 2016 OP&F Report                                 April_2016.pdf
March 2016 OP&F Report                               March_2016.pdf
February 2016 OP&F Report                           February_2016.pdf
January 2016 OP&F Report                             January_2016.pdf

2015 Healthcare News
December 2015 OP&F Report                         December_2015_report.pdf
November 2015 OP&F Report                         November_2015_report.pdf
October 2015 OP&F Report                             October_2015_report.pdf
September 2015 OP&F Report                         September_2015_report.pdf
August 2015 OP&F Report                              August_2015_report.pdf
June 2015 OP&F Report                                   June_2015_report.pdf
May 2015 OP&F Report                                   May_2015_report.pdf
April 2015 OP&F Report                                  April_2015_report.pdf
March 2015 OP&F Report                                March_2014_report.pdf
February  2015 OP&F Report                           February_2015_report.pdf
January 2015 OP&F Report                             January_2015_report.pdf


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